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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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6:00 a.m. breaking news a man shoots at deputies beginning a 9- hour standoff in arapahoe county. let's send it out to jayson gruenauer. the scene has gotten a lot more active in the last 15 minutes or so? >> reporter: yeah, we were kind of monitoring what was going on and started hearing these loud low bangs, now the
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we're at hampden and himalaya. his backyard actually comes out here to himalaya. that's where the front of the home is. so police have shut down this area. we heard five of the loud bangs and there was a small break i guess in the action, did nott appear to be gunshots, then there were about seven more. we could actually see the sparks coming from the top of the swat vehicle. we don't want to speculate what that is but again it did not sound like the ringing f a gunshot, but police are on the scene and still a very active seen. %- this all started as a call of a welfare check of an individual potentially suicidal. the man came out and fired a round in the direction of deputies.
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another one of those loud bangs coming from the scene just past himalaya where this whole scene has been shut down. again not a loud sharp piercing sound like a gunshot but a allow load bang, so that makes 13 in total. this whole thing has been going on more than eight hours and this is the first kind of action we have witnessed here -- and another one just went off -- so we are just waiting to see what's going to happen here as this is obviously an active scene, some homes here in the mayfair neighborhood having told to shelter or evacuate because of the potential danger here. now that's total of 14 have gone off. police on the scene, paramedics and fire trucks just showed up. obviously the media, we're
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and hoping for the best outcome. top of this and monitor what's going on, this whole area has been shut down for the safety of the community and that's going to impact if you are driving on hampden or through this neighborhood. we are going to toss it back to jayson luber and will come back to you if we hear anything else on this. >> reporter: pretty tense situation for jayson and neighbors out there. this is a right here out by of e-470. you can get to it from tower road and quincy and use that as your alternate route and give them to room to do getting busy in some usual an accident by idaho springs
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broadway on the northbound side of bro right under i-25. traffic is starting to move through there once again -- broadway. officers were called in to help larimer county sheriff's office after a man ran off from a traffic stop. they found him hiding in a rv in a backyardand arrested him without any trouble. mother nature about to remind us it's still winter time. lisa hidalgo is tracking some weather. >> reporter: yeah out across the plains it is going to be tonight and tomorrow. we are seeing increasing clouds ahead of the storm. pretty calm conditions, expecting mild temperatures highs near 50 today but snow developing by midday in the
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for the front range highs near 50 but tomorrow we drop iito the 30s anded the rain and snow will move in later tonight into early tomorrow morning. we'll talk about how much we are expecting and again the timing of all of this coming up. just about five minutes after 6:00 breaking news in el paso county. el cot school will be cllsed. it is about 35 miles -- minutes east of colorado spring. it says because of a significant threat of violence, we have made the decision to cancel school today. the el paso county sheriff's 3 office tell us it was made via social media and no information given. the dynel lane trial
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she is accused of attacking a pregnant woman and cutting the baby from her woman. -`lindsay watts is with us. what can we expect today? >> reporter: this is one of those casessthat leave you in disbelief even a year later. it is a short trial in part because dynel lane's team did not call one witness. they have admitted she did brutally attack michelle wilkins and take her child. but they are asking the jury to fine her not guilty on the attempted murder charge. they say it wasn't planned in advance and that lane wasn't trying to kill her. she was trying to convince her common law husband she was pregnant again.
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of wilkins with police the day of the attack. >> she came after me and i kind of reacted. >> what happened -- [indiscernible] i had the knife that she had -- >> your honor, can i approach the witness? >> thank you. >> dynel lane never took the stand. wilkins was able to call 911 from the basement very likely saving her own life. she could face life in prison if convicted. thank you. it's 60:73 children are in the hospital after great danes mauled them over the weekend at a breeding facility called rare danes in the small town of rush. this is about 45 minutes east of colorado springs.
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works at the facility. she was checking on some animals when she heard screaming and saw dogg attacking. the fourth child is now out of the hospital t. owner of the facility was cited for unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog. police have a complicated crash scene to piece together. this 3-car crash scene sent 12 people to the hospital including a child and woman in their 20s. both still in critical condition. this was near hampden and buckley. among the involved a woman nine months pregnant. >> it was upsetting when i got the call and when i came over the hill here and i saw all the commotion my heart, you know, i was pretty upset. >> the woman's father-in-law tells us she is okay. she was scheduled to be induced today. police say the biggest
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not involved in the crash helped them piece together what happened. boulder county police officers need to find witnesses to a hit and run. this happened west of longmont. the cyclist has some serious injuries. investigators are looking for a black sedan involved. drivers can get through irk-70 and glen wood canyon. the reopening is a bit complicated so lucky for you we have traffic expert jayson luber with us. >> reporter: this is a complicated issue. they have it open during the day and partially open during tonight. right now up until 9:00 they will allow some traffic to get through with a pilot car operation which means one lane
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from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. there will be about an hour delay at 9:00 when they close the highway down until 4:00 you will have to use the alternate route along highway 14 and 131. right now it looks okay which is good news but willlbe a three and a half to 4 hour delay. the uber driver accused of going on a shooting rampagg in michigan, brian dalton facing murder charges in the rampage saturday that played over the course of seven hours. this happened in a car dealership, a restaurant and he
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the shootings. >> he got maybe a mile from my house, got a telephone call. after that telephone call he started driving really erratically driving through medians, through the lawn, and then finally once he came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> he does drive for the company but say he also passed a background check. a 14 year old girl declared dead did what police is calling a miracle. police say as doctors were preparing her body ffr organ donation, she squeezed her mother's hand.
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updated on the standoff at himalaya and hampden. >> yes, it has, jayson gruenauer has heard 14 loud bangs. the police have confirmed it was essentially pepper spray to try to get that man to come out and surrender to police. >> this has been going on since 9:00 last night. we will keep you posted on that. now we want to talk about the weather because we have some snow moving in. >> just as my front yard gets clear.
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we have one pesky patch left. but we need it. >> reporter: right now denver at 29, winds are calm, you can see some of the cloud cover out there this morning, so it'' going to help break up the sun glare. highs in tuper 40s near 50- degrees. denver 50, highlands ranch at 49. in eerie today also 49. pretty close to 50 in most spots out east. closer to 60 to the southeast, mountains 30s and 40s. a number of effects go into effect today. advisory. more than a foot expected along the san cristos. that's where some of the heaviest snow will fall. this is going to be a pretty fast moving system. increase in clouds by midday today. snow starts to develop in the
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is what it looks like by 2:00 and then more cloud cover, later tonight early tomorrow morning it wiil start developing. so by 5:00 some know along the palmer divide. also up through the foothills 4- 8 inches. conifer along 285. areas along those roads jefferson county to douglas county 4-8 inches, but by 12:00 tomorrow we'll see sunshine throughout the afternoon, so a very fast moving storm. snowfall forecast puts the metro air at about 2-4 inches by early tomorrow morning. we've got 4-8 n the darker blue, farther west and south of downtown and over a foot of snow west of i-25.
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today near 50, tomorrow a high near 37. light to moderate snow n the morning. beautiful day headed into the weekend. i put the bright spot on saturday. we are going to be at the denver zoo. >> reporter: that's not my bright spot. >> reporter: ii's mine. >> reporter: you can see that at highway 36 and pecos we have a pretty good drive. no signiiicant delays, but you can see getting crowded from 36 and pecos. a lot of heavy traffic on the north side of town. look at i-225. just after 120th. looking at 20 minutes overall and just updated to 17 minutes as most of that is between
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285. santa fe and hampden, okay. down across c-470 is looking pretty nice right now. headlines, pope francis calling for a 1 year moratorium on the death penalty. he's wanting to suspend the practice in an effort of mercy. and the issue on unlocking the terrorist phone. one says maybe be phone holds a clue to finding morr terrorists maybe it doesn't but we can't look ourselves in the eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead. thattest the fbi pushing for apple to cooperate. bill cosby's wife must answer questions under oath. she will give a deposiiion in a
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seven women who claimed her husband sexually assaulted them. cosby's lawyers filed motions last night saying her testimony would only harass and embarrass her but a judge rejected the new audio tapes out there reveal some strange noises on the far side of the moon. and writing a letter to denver after such a close call. and another live look from
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rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea
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adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. 6:23 we're keeping an eye on breaking news news unfolding in arapahoe county right now. it has been going on for nine hours now at hampden and himalaya. and there's been a lot of activity.
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in the last 20 minutes deputies tell us loud noises were oc gas or pepper spray sent inside the home hoping the man will give up. we want to check in with lisa. she has our first alert weather chance of snow. >> reporter: that's right. look right now across the camera. beautiful start the day. you will find a mix of sun and clouds. the cloud ahead of this next system. it's going to bring snow the mountains ttis afternoon and snow here in denver by early tomorrow. today increase in clouds, upper 40s by 12:00. jayson by 3:00 a high of 50. >> reporter: quincy to is south is the best alternate route from that incident. 25 minutes already into downtown from i-25 and 100 10th.
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it is the space race 2.0. nasa says it has received thousands of applications for the astronaut training program. nasa will only select up to 14 people for training. >> wow. and never heard before tapes raising questions about what astronauts heard when they lost radio transmission. >> they look into what it calls unexplained files.. for about an hour astronauts were out of contact with controo. here is a portion of what they were hearing. >> do you hear that whistling 3 sound? >> in their head sets. >> ss it's that woo sound that the astronauts call kind of a
6:26 am
asking whether they should tell anyone about it. >> not even agree with the high pitched sound but the astronaut said he heard something from the far side of the moon as well. >> a woman sexually assaulted after her car breaks down. so we are going to show you who officials are looking for this morning. denver's own racing team proves once again nascar is all about colorado. and another live look from our seen, this is a swat situation at hampden and
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just about 6:30 we are following breaking news live
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police trying to end a standoff since last night. denver 7 reporter jayson gruenauer has a live update. morning, jason. >> reporter: yes, it has, we have been able to confirm that arapahoe county sheriff's department did fire oc gas similar to pepper spray which makes sense for the loud bangs. we do see what appeared to be smoke coming off one of the rooftops here. you can actually smell something. and it's definitely not a car and after a littleewhile it does kind of burn a little bit, so we can only assume that is 3 just the remnants because we are a little bit downwind from where this has been going on.
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hours or so at himalaya and hampden. police were called out for a potential suicide. the man came out and shot one round in the direction of deputies. no one husband hit or hurt, but they -- no one was hit or hurt, but after five or so we started hearing the first of those loud thuds. didn't appear to be gunshots, something like out of a larger barrel. turns out it was the oc canisters being deployed by the team. as the sun comes up, we have been going on nine hours, we can tell you this is still a very active scene, very on going seen and a large amount traffic. we did see a fire truck that was a paramedic truck receive the scene within the last 10 minutes or so, we were also able to confirm after they shot the gas canisters that they
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the suspect to try to get that person to come out. again, this was originally called out on a welfare check on a potential suicide call so we don't know at this point the condition of the suspect, butt as of right now still a very active scene with all these law enforcement still here on the scene just that slight hint of something in the air after all those gas canters were deployed. how this is going to affect your commute, law enforcement really shutting it down for your safety. we're going to head back to the studio with ayson huber,. >> reporter: yeah, if you can get down the quincy that's the best. this is the general area right over here along hampden just on the west side of e-470. this is the section between liver pool and himalaya. if you can get down the quincy
6:33 am
it it and use that as your alternate route. very typical drive 225, i-70, i- 76 busy in the usual spots and one here with report of horses on parker road right near longs way. they mighh actually come in useful for tomorrow's commute. >> reporter: that's true. not a bad idea. first alert weather tracking this morning wind speeds about 10-15 miles per hour. we are going to see speeds aaout 10-15 today. tomorrow morning, different story. today start of sunshine to a mix of sun and clouds but by this afternoon about 4:30 we showered start to see accumulating snow in the mountains starts to roll in.
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in the 1-3 inches of snow and rain. up through jefferson county, 4- 8. could be tricky, but it's a fast moving storm. i will show you what that looks like coming up. come see if you recognize this man right here. a wooan says he sexually assaulted her in east parker after her car broke down. he is a white fit man in his 20s to 30s. he was driving a white pickup truck with headlights on top of his cab. a woman was found dead during a welfare check on park avenue west. police took a man into custody yesterday afternoon. the search is over for this dangerous parolee, dennis simonton, back behind bars. investigators tracked him back %-
6:35 am
he and two other parolees cut escaped earlier this month. and dynel lane is accused of attacking a pregnant come taking her unborn child. she could spend the rest of her life in prison. lindsay watts joins us with a look at the closing arguments this morning. >> reporter: mitch, we already have a very good idea of what we will hear from dynel lane's defense team. they are trying to reduce her amount of time she will have to spend in prison. they are saying it wasn't premeditated. lane faces other felony counts including unlawful termination
6:36 am
although this has been a short trial, it has been devastating. michelle wilkins was 7 month pregnant when she responded to clothes. she described what she went through during that vicious attack. >> she grabbed this bottle from first in front of the window, which at first i thought it was oil and vinegar, i don't know she picked it up and she smashed it over my head and that's when i held up my hand and said i don't know why you're doing this and she said, if you love me you will let me do this and then she dug it into my neck. >> reporter: prooecutors
6:37 am
told her common law husband she was pregnant. we'll have live updates for you on as well as our mobile app. live in boulder, lindsay watts. 6:36 now. more than 100 colorado moms plan to rally at the state capitol speaking out against dangerous bills. this includes allowing to conceal carry inside public schools. at 6:37 now a group of 4-h kids pushing for a shooting range inndouglas county. right now kids rely on private land owners for target practice, so leaders in douglas, and parkkcounties and other counties are forming a partnership to come up with land just for firearms use. >> we used to use a 40-acre lot
6:38 am
people that lived in the area for the .22 noise. the city council will take comments from the public when they are scheduled. just coming inches short-a win. >> we are proud of how denver's team came behind in a photo finish. a swat situation a stand
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. welcome back, it is 6:40 on a monday morning. look at this gorgeous shot over the flatirons. some of the pictures are just gorgeous this morning so if you
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>> bouncing off each other. unbelievable. i think it's hamlin. denny hamlin. >> oh, my goodness. it doesn't get any closer than that. denver's furniture row martin truex finishing second. he says i will have to look at the highlight the rest of my life. and each time i'm going to see i am just a few inches short. >> you know he's replaying the entire race. if i would have just done that if i would have just done this. >> he should be proud of himself. >> reporter: seriously that's maybe a matter of wind gusts. >> reporter: here is the view from the west side of downtown.
6:42 am
you can see enough cloud cover it's going to break up the sun glare. highs near 50. boulder today 48. near 50 today. quite a bit colder tomorrow. the next storm rolling in brings with it more clouds in day. snow in the mountains by midday. so far 2-4 inches of snow here in denver, jayson by tomorrow morning's commute. >> reporter: and hampden and liverpool closed. on the north side of town nothing really out of the ordinary. heavy 15 minutes from 120th from 84th avenue, you see that stop and go traffic building esppcially across 225 where we have the heaviest
6:43 am
down to i-225. there-- push of the button. >> get that thing working. thank you, jayson. this is a stand off at hampden and himalaya that hass been going on for about nine hours.
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time to rise and shine. it is six 45:00 this sunrise has been gorgeous. you can expect another shot of our beautiful skyline this morning. we have snow on the way, though, so get ready. uh-huh. 29-degrees right now. 6:45. colorado has turned into a pretty hot area for tech giants. zillow is hiring 150 more people for it's centennial site. most of the new jobs involve sales and support.
6:46 am
take the hallenge to climb denver'salest buildings to support people battling lung disease and included our own lisa hidalgo. >> it is a fight for the 3 american lung association. it was held at the republic plaza. >> denver 7's lindsay watts documented the whole thing with a gopro. >> that weighed her down. marc stewart was also with lisa hidalgo in seeing the event. we are still waiting on the final tally but they are thinking they raised about $350,000 to help people with
6:47 am
>> 1,098 steps. i counted. >> did you count? >> there was a sheet. lindsay did it in her boots. >> in her boots? >> did she have any blisters this morning? >> i don't know i didn't ask. >> reporter: changes tonight and tomorrow. here is the view from the airport from our wireless camera. you can see the cloud cover and really pretty sun this morning. just below freezing downtown and at the airport. highs today near 50 by 2:00. upper 40s to near 50 in denver and after that we'll see some snow. highs are going to be in eerie 49, bennet 45. castle rock today a high of 50. statewide 40s and 50s to the west. closer to the 60 near pueblo and trinidad. we are pretty close to near
6:48 am
a number of winter weather advisories going into effect. up through jjfferson and douglas counties, a good 4-8 inches of snow. here in denver we are free. we should see about 2-4 inches of snow when all of it is said and done. a lot could impact the ground. it is still very warm and if it moves in fast it could stick pretty early on. 11::0 this morning we will see more light snow the mountains. we have a good chance of heavy snow down south of the san cristos. by tomorrow morning waking up to fresh snow on the ground. about 2-4 inches here in town. but again there's the l-shape
6:49 am
and heavier a good 4-8 inches. skies start to clear tomorrow and an afternoon of sunshine tomorrow. most of the snow we get melts by the afternoon and definitely by wednesday. today a high of 50. tomorrow 37-degrees sunshine in the afternoon and then stay sunny through the end of the week. temperatures will gradually climb each day, low to mid 50s through friday. saturday the warmest day on our forecast. perfect for the polar plunge. we have our entire morning team there on saturday at the denver zoo. that's pretty -- >> why couldn't we -- >> reporter: your not going to wear a spedo, are you? >> reporter: why can't we make this a hot tub plunge? >> we are looking at the southbound side now heavier through spear take a look at the overall map.
6:50 am
usual spots over by parker road by havana down towards dartmouth you can see 225 drive about 10 minutes are coming from parker road. the rest looks pretty nice from i-70. 270 typical drive about 15 minutes and typical from the north side if you are headed i225. i have a borat swim suit. >> it's probably not a garment you want to share. >> no. >> all right. all week, as you get that image out of your head. we are getting ready for the oscars. >> they're here. the best nominees almost all have won before or nominated before. including eddy redmaine.
6:51 am
>> also eyes on leonardo decaprio. he is nominated for his role the remnant. he is also nominated for a sag award. they are based on the original oscar from 1929 this year. it took a new york foundry three months to make the 50 statuettes. we will get your morning sprint coming up. threeekids rushed to the hospital after being mauled by
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6:53 am
we start your morning sprint with morning news a man shoots at deputies beginning a nearly 10 hour standoff in arapahoe county. let's send it out to jayson gruenauer. >> reporter: homes are still being told -- people in the area still being told to shelter in place. police still shutting down a majority of this nakeder near hampden and himalaya. east hampddn place is actually
6:54 am
that's where the heart of this standoff is. we heard some loud thudding bangs between 5:30 and 6:00, we got confirmation that that was oc gas. we saw some light smoke. it's actually filtered over to us, we could actually smell it. there are a few aurora public schools, no phone alerts as far as this affecting schools, but it definitely is affecting roadways. this started when a man went out with a gun and shot at accidents when they went to check on a potentially suicidal person. he then went back in the house.
6:55 am
going on for a good nine hours or so, and heard nothing until just early this morning when we heard a lot of that loud thudding bangs. still roads closed. we are now going to toss it to jayson huber. >> reporter: this is one of the homes closed downright near, so as they still have it 3 closed down you can still use quincy to get around it. the rest of the drive around town doesn't look that bad. the usual spots like 225, i-75 and a brand new accident around six avenue and i-25. more details on that right after good morning america. only hours after the arrpahoe county standoff began, police shut down hampden near buckley. this wreck sent 12 people to the hospital in addition to a
6:56 am
five till 7:00 now investigators in douglas county want to fine the man depicted in this sketch. he sexually assaulted a woman after her car broke down in east parker. described as a white man, fit, about 6'3", driviig a older model why or gray ickup truck. . >> reporter: this mooning we will hear closing arguments of dynel lane trial. she is accused of stabbing a pregnant woman and taking her child. she showed very little emotion during her trial though she was in tears after prosecutors played a tape right after the attack. she claims wilkins attacked her and she was only acting in self- defense. lane's defense team did not call a single witness.
6:57 am
hours and we will be inside the courtroom to bring you update. lindsay watts denver seven. . the owner of a great dane breeding facilities faces charges. three children required surgery after an attack of four great danes. this is 45 minutes east of colorado springs. the dogs are in the custody of colorado humane society. >> reporter: look at this shot. beautiful. we do have enough cloud cover to make for a beautiful morning. a chance for some snow first in the mountains. % a couple of inches by this afternoon. and overnight into tomorrow. snow here in denver, so about 2- 4 inches in town, heavier south and west of denver. 4-8 inches in part of douglas
6:58 am
50 today tomorrow 37. >> cdot is now letting drivers through the greenwood canyon, but you can only get through one lane during times of the difficult it's a pretty koch indicated process. -- complicated process. >> reporter: they have do do a lot more rock work during the daylight hours. right now they do have the pilot car operation going on in place, between 4:00 p... until 9:00 a.m. a pilot car will escort all the cars through the area and then all thh lanes will close again starting at 9:00. thennyou will have to use the
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> the gop front-runner celebrates big back-to-back wins, now all eyes on the nevada, the next vote casts tomorrow. can marco rubio and ted cruz stop his momentum? the uber driver accused of killing six people, reportedly picking up fares during the rampage. now those passengers are speaking out. taking us inside the terrifying ride. >> we were driving through medians. >> and uber is responding to the attack.


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